Time Spent Online Increases

NEW YORK — The average time spent online grew significantly between May and October in ten out of 12 global markets measured by Nielsen/NetRatings.

The New York-based Internet research firm attributed the rise to the growth in high-speed Internet usage and surfers’ increased familiarity and dependence on the Internet.

In Germany, the time spent online rose 22 percent, from 8:40 in May to 10:32 in October. The time surfers in Sweden spent online grew the same percentage, from 6:36 to 8:02.

In Hong Kong, where time logged on the Internet was an impressive 14 hours in May, surfers increased their Web usage by more than ten percent over the six-month period to nearly 16 hours. Those in the United States upped their Internet time from 11:15 in May to 12:06 in October, a 7.7 percent boost.

Other markets increasing their Internet usage were France, the Netherlands, Japan, the United Kingdom and Brazil. The only countries tracked by Nielsen/NetRatings that recorded declines were Italy and Spain, where the time spent online went down 2.1 percent and 1.8 percent, respectively.