Time for Action

Sovereign Grey literally toyed around to gain the attention of a potential client.

The Indianapolis shop created an action figure toy of Ray Compton, Indianapolis Colts senior vice president of sales and marketing, in an effort to get some work from the team.

The action figure, packaged like a Barbie doll, came complete with an arch enemy, actor and comedian Jay Mohr, who jokes about the Colts’ coaching position in real life. Special detail was also given to Compton’s attire, which is in the Colts’ blue-and-white colors.

“We wanted to do something to get his attention since we know they use local shops for brochures, posters and other promotional needs,” said Sovereign principal Michael Roe.

The advertising and graphic design agency presented the action figure to Compton during a local association meeting where he was speaking.

“He was amazed and embarrassed at the time,” Roe said.

The result: Compton agreed to meet with the agency. A decision on the business has yet to be made.