Tillamook Takes Down Wimpy Shredded-Cheese Brands in Sassy New Campaign

72andSunny introduces farmstyle-cut cheddar

Tillamook has something to say about brands selling these tiny pieces of shredded cheese.
YouTube: Tillamook

If you’re not buying Tillamook’s shredded cheese from the grocery store you’re doing something wrong, a new brand campaign promoting its farmstyle-cut cheese suggests.

The work from 72andSunny follows up on the agency’s previous “Dairy Done Right” campaign, which emphasized Tillamook’s quality versus some of its big competitors. This latest wave of ads follows a similar format—deliciously melty shots of cheese-filled foods on a stark black background. The new spots take a different tone, though, by calling out competitors for their sad excuses for shredded cheese.

“For too long, consumers have been on autopilot in the shredded cheese aisle, accepting whatever stringy option was put in front of them,” John Russell, vp of marketing for Tillamook, said in a statement. “We wanted to blow up the category, so we took our same award-winning cheese and decided to shred it in a whole new way.”

To do that, 72andSunny came up with a new push for the brand, including broadcast, print, out-of-home work and a series of digital executions. One GIF designed for social channels compares a competitor’s wimpy piece of shredded cheese to Tillamook’s hearty slice—the side-by-side comparison works well because it is significantly larger.

“This was a really fun brief,” said JC Abbruzzi, creative director at 72andSunny. “From the first moment we saw the product, we knew it was a game changer. These shreds of cheese look so much bigger and better, and made any other shred of cheese look pretty silly in comparison. We wanted the campaign to be simple, bold and provocative—just like the product itself.”

72andSunny also created a clever digital banner ad, done in the style of a ping pong game. When users come across the banner, they’ll use a hunky shred of Tillamook cheese to play a game of ping pong aganist a teeny-tiny competitor.

Client: Tillamook
Chief Executive Officer: Patrick Criteser
VP, Marketing: John Russell
Integrated Marketing Manager: Gillian Kennedy
Advertising Lead: Stephanie Montoya
Digital Marketing Supervisor: Laura Schatz

72andSunny Team
Group Creative Director: Gui Borchert
Creative Director: JC Abbruzzi
Sr. Designer: Ryan Dols
Sr. Writer: Jack Lagomarsino
Group Strategy Director: John Graham
Strategy Director: Cat Wilson
Sr. Strategist: Anneliese Rapp
Sr. Social Strategist: Tricia Teschke
Data Strategist: Erica Shieh
Social Strategist: Kristin Barker
Managing Director: Chris Kay
Brand Director: Philip Schaffer
Sr. Brand Manager: Laura Hoffman
Brand Manager: Everette Cooke
Brand Coordinator: Andrew Wood
Group Production Director: Miranda Kendrick
Film Producer: Skyler Courter
Art Producer: Cameron Ford
Sr. Interactive Producer: Celeste Jones
Sr. Interactive Producer: Lindsay Mason
Partnerships and Legal Director: Jana Nauman
Partnerships and Legal Manager: Casey Brown

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Head of Production: Barrett Schultz
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