TikTok Creators Are Remaking Old Spice’s Most Iconic Ad as P&G Partners With the Platform

Isaiah Mustafa's 2010 ad gets a new life (and new transitions) in the UK

Comedian and TV presenter Munya Chawawan is helping kick off TikTok for Business' Old Spice campaign.Munya Chawawan on TikTok

To showcase itself as an advertising platform for brands to engage their community, TikTok has tasked its creators to remake the classic Old Spice ad “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”.

The original ad featuring Isaiah Mustafa was created by Wieden+Kennedy in 2010 and went on to win no less than 37 Cannes Lions that year.

Now TikTok’s Creative Lab has revived the ad by asking U.K. creators to remake it in a modern way, taking advantage of the platform’s propensity for clever transitions.

The first round of creators includes comedian Munya Chawawa and Capital radio presenter Niall Gray, who were asked to bring British references and humor into their recreations.


Meet the new man your man could smell like ##OldSpiceCaptain ##TikTokReMake @oldspiceuk AD

♬ original sound – Munya Chawawa

Meet the new man your man could smell like ##OldSpiceCaptain ##TikTokReMake @oldspiceuk ##ad

♬ original sound – Niall Gray

TikTok’s In-Feed Ads format and other ad services will support the remake campaign.

Talking to Adweek, Tom Skinner, executive creative director for Creative Lab Europe, said that in the decade since the original campaign ran “a lot had changed.”

“It was an incredible opportunity to reimagine and re-energize Old Spice’s ‘Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ for a new generation on a platform like TikTok,” he said. “Our teams wanted to keep the familiar setup that made the original so memorable, but bring it bang up to date by working with creators and adding a healthy spray of the unique TikTok tone and techniques that make our platform so unique.”

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