Tiger Bows for Buick

Golfer Tiger Woods makes his debut as pitchman for Buick with spots from McCann-Erickson set to air during the Buick Invitational tournament Feb. 12-13.
McCann’s spots take a comical approach and are intended to help broaden Buick’s audience among younger consumers, said Tony Derhake, Buick’s golf brand manager.
Tom Jump, Buick advertising and promotions director, said the media buy includes prime-time news and national cable channels. “It’s not just golf advertising, it’s mainstream,” Jump said. “Tiger is someone whose recognition transcends the sport.” New executions featuring the golfer are planned for later in the year.
In “TV Tower,” Woods gets even with two TV announcers who doubt his ability to make a difficult shot. Woods banks the ball off of a TV tower, which collapses and dumps the announcers into a water hazard. Woods graciously offers a towel as he drives off in a Buick Regal. In “Training camp,” Woods gives tips to adult campers.
A third spot, “Fantasy golf,” touts Buick’s support of the Tiger Woods Foundation and other charities. In it, a grandfather helps his grandson set up and make a difficult putt on a city sidewalk.
A companion print ad breaks in March publications. It features a news photo of golf fans clearing a large boulder from Woods’ shot path at the 1999 Phoenix Open. The headline: “Tiger accidentally drops the keys to his new Buick.”
Buick’s first promotion with Woods offers golf fans a chance to win six weeks at the newly created Buick Golf Dream House in St. Augustine, Fla., among other prizes.