Tickled Pink

The talented folks who created the lovable pig and other farm animals for the movie Babe are behind the latest extension of Hal Riney & Partners/Heartland’s campaign for Nicor, an energy company serving northern Illinois.
The campaign, using the tagline “Make yourself comfortable,” began in the winter with an ornamental lawn gnome who comes to life to warm himself, shower and enjoy a hot beverage in the home when the family leaves.
A commercial set for the summer uses a lawn ornament more associated with that season, not to mention trailer parks: the pink flamingo. With a voiceover by actor Christopher Plummer, the spot shows a flamingo seeking Nicor-generated air conditioning to escape the heat.
Animation was done by Rhythm & Hues in Los Angeles, which produced Coca-Cola’s polar bears and Budweiser’s frogs as well as the Babe characters.
Nicor, based in Naperville, Ill., awarded its estimated $3 million account to Riney last year following a review.
–Trevor Jensen