Getting people’s dander up is one way of gaining attention, and no doubt a sure consequence of The Puckett Group’s April Fool’s Day advertisement for its 10th anniversary.

The St. Louis agency slapped a few thousand ‘tickets’ under the windshield wipers of vehicles parked throughout the city on April 1, which in addition to being the prankster holiday is the date the shop opened its doors in 1987.

The mock citations listed such violations as ‘Naming your kid Beavis or Butthead’; ‘Eating frozen burritos for breakfast’; ‘Joining the O.J. book-of-the-month club’; and, on a more local level, ‘Bungee jumping off the (Gateway) Arch’ and ‘Kicking a Clydesdale.’

Recipients were urged to ‘send this to a friend with a significant advertising/marketing budget.’

‘We like to get people emotionally involved in the advertising we do,’ said Steve Puckett, president and creative director of the agency.

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