Ticket To Ryder

Although it’s become the toughest ticket in town, there are still some corporate packages to be had for this fall’s Ryder Cup golf tournament.
Managers at The Country Club in Brookline, Mass., host of this year’s event, recently threw the city of Boston 300 free passes to use as it sees fit.
While some will be made available to students, most of the tickets are being offered to corporate sponsors interested in helping Boston-area kids. At least that’s how the city, working with sports marketing firm Woolf Associates in Boston, is positioning the packages.
A corporate deal, which includes 10 tickets for matches on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as Tuesday and Thursday practice rounds, is being sold for $55,000.
Some have already been snapped up by Fleet Financial Group, Bull Information Systems and State Street Bank, according to Woolf official Diane Brickley.
Free shuttle service will be offered between The Country Club and the Franklin Park Golf Course, where parking, morning and afternoon hospitality and tee times will be available. A Franklin Park corporate package sales line has been established at (617) 587-3128.
–Judy Warner