Thrill Drill

Anyone who has been to an amusement park in the summer heat with the family knows it’s, well, no walk in the park.
Minneapolis agency Peterson Milla Hooks reveals training is the key to a successful visit in its latest ads for Valleyfair Amusement Park. A 30-second TV spot for the Shakopee, Minn., fun park features an overzealous dad preparing his family for the rigors of the day ahead.
Decked out in a whistle and baseball hat, Pop lines up the family in the backyard and sprays them with a water bottle to prepare them for the water rides. Then he runs his kids through a hugging drill with a mock mascot and forces his wife to pull the children in a wagon.
The training pays off in a successful visit to Valleyfair, and the spot closes in a freeze-frame of Dad leaping for joy.
The campaign, which also includes an outdoor component, will run through the summer in five Midwest states and Canada.
-Aaron Baar