Three’s a Crowd, All Right

Shoptalk wanted to take the high road this year in terms of story topics: art, philosophy, poetry, philanthropy. But then we saw the ad with the three-breasted woman.

It is, of course, a German ad. It went up on Christmas Day in some 15,000 locations and advertises a company called Media Markt, one of the country’s top consumer-electronics chains. As for the visual—well, it falls right into the “What the hell were they thinking?” file.

It shows a red-haired woman on all fours gazing wantonly at the camera, her unorthodox, immoderate bust held pre cariously by a skimpy bikini top. (It’s unclear if this is the work of PhotoShop or what.) The unfortunate tagline translates to, “There’s more inside than you think.”

Response to this bizarre Christmas present, it probably goes without saying, was hardly muted. People nationwide—mainly women—threatened to stop spending their hard-earned euros at the company’s stores, and the campaign was axed after running for a week, half its scheduled time.

Searching for people who might speak even semi-intelligently on the matter was something of a challenge. After a couple of beers, we identified two logical candi dates: Lycia Naff, who famously played the three-breasted stripper in Total Recall; and Multibreast, some guy (Shoptalk presumes it’s a guy) who writes and posts disturbing tributes to many-breasted women online. Thankfully, neither could be reached for comment.