Three Top Marketers Adopt New Digital ID System

NEW YORK — Three top marketers have adopted Ad-ID, a new digital identification system for advertising that will soon replace the 32-year-old Industry Standard Coding Identification (ISCI) system.

Procter & Gamble, Ernst & Young and Pepsi, advertisers that spent a combined $2 billion in U.S. measured media last year, are the first to commit to Ad-ID. The new system, designed by the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Association of National Advertisers, generates unique codes to identify advertising across all media from production through airing and ultimately storage.

“The goal is to have a single identifier for all advertising, in all media, for all environments,” said John Kaiser, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Ad-ID. “This single identifier will lead to more efficient advertising processes and it is likely to contribute to improved cross-media campaign management. Importantly, it will avoid the confusion that could result from multiple digital coding systems.”

In addition, Ad-ID will serve as a repository for information about the ad, such as who created it, who produced it, where and when it is scheduled to run, clearance status and legal restrictions.

Ad-ID is an upgrade to ISCI insofar as the codes will now be created from a central authority, or computer system, to insure uniqueness and enable the them to work in digital media, said Kaiser. ISCI codes are created by hand generally by agency broadcast traffic personnel and do not work in digital platforms.

The ISCI system, adopted by TV networks, advertisers and agencies in 1970 and owned and operated by the 4As and ANA for 12 years, will be eliminated with the official launch of Ad-ID early next year.