Three Media Shops Sign Up for Ad Data

LOS ANGELES — Ad-effectiveness consultant Intermedia Advertising Group has added WPP Group’s MindShare, Interpublic Group’s Initiative Media and Omnicom Group’s OMD to its client roster.

The company has won support from top advertisers: Nabisco, Unilever and Remington are among IAG’s clients. Now the giant media networks are on board.
IAG surveys up to 8,000 consumers daily on prime time programs — and the ads that air during them — via its Web site, RewardTV. Viewers play a “trivia game” consisting of questions about shows and spots they’ve seen, and that data is used to measure the effectiveness of individual spots.

“This is a very tricky subject to research and after years of hard work, very little useful information has been produced,” said David Marans, senior partner at MindShare. “RewardTV holds the most promise.”

“IAG gives us the opportunity to focus on responses to the same ad in different programs,” said Andrew Green, OMD managing partner/ director of communications insights. “It goes to the heart of the issue.”

Among the findings, said IAG president Cheryl Idell, is that soft drinks are doing the most effective ads, such as the Britney Spears Pepsi campaign. She also noted that the lowest-rated shows are often the ones with the most effective ads, since the audiences are very targeted “and more focused on targeted ad messages.”