‘For Those of You Keeping Score at Home’

It sounds quaint, amid the proliferation of new technologies, but lots of sports fans still turn on the radio to follow their teams. In an Ipsos Public Affairs poll conducted for Radio Heard Here, 75 percent of adults said they have “a favorite sport to listen to on the radio.”

Among this group, football edged baseball as the favorite on-the-radio sport (30 percent vs. 25 percent), while basketball ran third (15 percent) and soccer fourth (11 percent). Registering in single digits were motor sports (7 percent), hockey (4 percent) and golf (3 percent).

Among Hispanic sports-radio listeners, soccer was tops (cited by 66 percent). Baseball was the leading vote-getter among listeners age 55 and older, with 31 percent citing it as their favorite, vs. 28 percent picking football. Baseball also had the edge over football among sports listeners in the Northeast (30 percent vs. 28 percent).