Thompson Gets EJF-Hummer Shoe Assignment

ATLANTA EJ Footwear has hired Thompson & Company without a review to prepare brand identity and launch materials for Hummer shoes, the agency said.

Casual, formal and sports shoes and boots manufactured by EJF in Franklin, Tenn., will be sold through an agreement with General Motors’ Hummer division in high-end footwear and department stores beginning in August.

Thompson, which handles work for the client’s Georgia Boot line, will create ads for trade publications such as Footwear News and Footwear Plus that will break in the second quarter. A media plan for consumer ads has not yet been determined. The budget is undisclosed.

The agency’s design subsidiary, Disciple, has created packaging, sales materials and point-of-purchase displays including shoe shelves, towers and posters.

Mark Robinson, executive creative director at the Memphis shop, said launch materials and ads will borrow the spirit of Hummer’s current “Like nothing else” advertising, which is created by Boston’s Modernista!.

“We won’t pick up elements of that work, but we will pick up the attitude of go anywhere, do anything,” said Robinson. “The targets are identical—guys who buy Hummers to climb mountains and guys who climb corporate ladders.”

Posters created by copywriter Dave Smith for spring trade expos show extreme close-ups of the Hummer’s distinctive crackled tire treads. “It’s a rare line of footwear that goes equally well with both flak jacket and a dinner jacket,” states the accompanying copy.