This Spoof Infomercial Against the Border Adjustment Tax Will Run During SNL This Weekend

National Retail Federation weighs in

The spoof ad looks like an OxiClean infomercial. YouTube: National Retail Federation
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Do you ever have so much cash popping out of your wallet that you just have no clue what to do with it all? Well if you are one of those lucky few, the National Retail Federation has a solution for you.

In the ad, done in the style of an OxiClean infomercial, NRF addresses the proposed border adjustment tax. The tax, proposed by House Republicans in Congress, would provide tax relief to any U.S. company that sends its products to other countries, but would cut back on tax breaks to those that import goods.

Agency CRAFT worked on the ad.

In the infomercial the NRF imagines the border adjustment tax, or B.A.T., as an all-in-one tax that will surely make all of your disposable income disappear thanks to taxes on everyday items consumers need like food, gas, clothes and medications. According to the NRF, the tax could rack up an additional $1,700 for families each year.

“Ordinary taxes alone just won’t cut it! You need a tax like the BAT tax,” the enthusiastic salesman says.

The spot, “B.A.T. is a BAD Tax,” has already begun airing on Fox & Friends and will also run during the next episode of Saturday Night Live, which will fit nicely alongside the show’s own spoof ads.

“American consumers are being asked to foot the bill for a new $1 trillion tax giveaway for multinational companies, and this campaign will make sure those paying for it know it. We need tax reform that rewards entrepreneurs and allows businesses to grow and create good-paying jobs that lift working families up. The BAT does just the opposite, penalizing Americans by adding a tax on clothing, food, gas and other necessities while threatening the very industry that 42 million hardworking men and women rely upon for the livelihoods,” David French, NRF svp for government relations, said in a statement.

At the end of the ad, the salesman encourages all viewers to pick up the phone and call Congress to talk to them about the border adjustment tax.

NRF created print and digital components for the campaign as well, including the website where consumers can find out more information about the proposed tax.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.