This Incredibly Sweet Animated Film About Beans Introduces Heinz Australia’s New Cans

Meet Goeff, head of innovation at Heinz Beanz

The brand is rolling out cans of all different sizes, including just the right amount for one.
Heinz Beanz

What do you do when you just want enough beans for one serving of beans on toast and you don’t want to waste any delicious beans? Or when you just want a small snack in the afternoon? How about a can with the exact right serving?

Kraft Heinz Australia has a solution. It’s taking its Heinz Beanz branding off of product labels in the Australian market in favor of something a little different. The brand is rolling out packaging that comes in all different sizes, including “The Lil’ One” for snack time and “The One for All” for family dinners.

To introduce its new cans to Australia, and the rest of the world, the brand created an incredibly charming animated short film featuring Geoff, the ostensible head of innovation at Heinz Beanz who spends his time dreaming up new inventions.

“Launching an animated campaign which directly influences real-world, on-shelf product is a unique, gratifying process,” Tom Paine, ecd at Y&R New Zealand, said in a statement. “Hopefully the Australian public enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.”

The Pixar-inspired film has everything you could ask for in a branded, animated campaign. There’s conflict, love, success and humor, all wrapped up nicely in three minutes of pure joy.

“Heinz Benz is one of those classically iconic global products that only Don Draper and advertising school students get to work on,” said Y&R New Zealand CEO and CCO Josh Moore in a statement. “It’s not the kind of brief that falls in your lap in the real world. But it did and so the Y&R and Assembly teams came together and delivered Geoff, a truly beautiful piece of work that’s going to sell a hell of a lot of beans.”

Y&R created a couple of shorter versions of the film as well.

Client: KraftHeinz Australia
Chief Marketing Officer AMEA: Rodrigo Wickbold
Chief Marketing Officer: Shalabh Atray
Category Marketing Manager –  Quick Serve Meals: Arjun Tomar
Marketing Director: Mughees Abid
Brand Manager: Olivia Plymin

Agency: Y&R New Zealand
CCO and CEO: Josh Moore
Managing Director/ Head of Planning: Jono Key
ECD: Tom Paine
Copywriter/Art Director: Ellen Fromm
Senior Account Director: Katie Loverich
Senior Account Manager: Heike Middleton
Head of Design: James Wendelborn
Head of TV/Producer: Sacha Moore, Liz Rosby

Production Company: Assembly
Director: Damon Duncan
Technical Director: Rhys Dippie
Executive Producer: Amanda Chambers
Lead Designer/Character Design: Josh Fourt-Wells
3D Artists: Geoff Kirk Smith, Katie Naeher, Craig Speakman, Craig Baxter, Alex McLeod, Damon Duncan, Rhys Dippie, Josh Fourt-Wells, Marcos Godoy, Anastasia Fileva, Andrii Kryvuila, Gustavo Soares, Alex Scollay, Patrick Blades
Environmental Design: Scotty Wilson
Compositing: Rhys Dippie
Grade: Pete Ritchie

Sound: Franklin Road
Music Composed By: Mahuia Bridgeman Cooper
Sound Design: Shane Tapari
Executive Music & Sound Producer; Jonathan Mihaljevich

Media Agency: Spark Foundry
Investor: Keily Brown
Digital Director: Taylor Svarc
Account Manager: Marissa Taylor
Account Coordinator: Chelsea Caddey

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