This Gorgeous Ad Connects a Young Adventurer With Autism to a World of Wonder

A bridge is a powerful metaphor in film for SunTrust

A wonderful world opens up for a girl with Autism. SunTrust / StrawberryFrog
Headshot of Shannon Miller

The SunTrust Foundation has had a long-standing history with Autism community, providing financial planning resources and donating to Autism Speaks. To show their continued commitment to supporting families with Autism, the foundation paired with agency StrawberryFrog for a 90-second short film titled “The Bridge.”

Directed by Jakob Strom, the short opens with a young girl named Charlotte awaking in a tiny shack with her stuffed pig. She peeks outsides her window and gazes curiously upon a world unknown, just before she and her stuffed friend go on to explore it. From clouds of glittering fireflies to majestic waterfalls, we get to see an enchanting world through the eyes of a brave adventurer.

As beautiful as Charlotte’s surroundings are, it’s the impressive CGI rendering of a swimming fish, comprised of the very nature that she’s been traversing, that shows how this world—her own mind—is a hub of endless possibilities. It’s a gorgeous sight not only in its appearance but in the way that concept flies in the face of the popular misconception that those living with autism and other developmental disorders are somehow barred from all the beautiful things that this world has to offer.

Throughout this scene, we hear a mysterious, muffled voices calling Charlotte’s name in the distance. Before long we see a long bridge leading to a bright light. The adventurer and her pig travel across the bridge, where she is directed back to her home with her mother, who is holding up a flash card labeled “pig.”

At first, Charlotte appears to be lost in her own mind, but then she successfully identifies the word, much to her mother’s delight. The bridge managed to connect the different worlds that she and her mother individually navigate, allowing her to thrive in both.

“The Bridge” is the latest in an ongoing relationship between the agency and SunTrust, which also includes the 2016 campaign that marked the bank’s Super Bowl debut.


Agency: StrawberryFrog New York
Founder & Chairman, Creative Lead/Writer: Scott Goodson
Executive Creative Director: Tyler DiAngelo
Client Service Director: Shana Bellot
Senior Project Manager: Tim Tontz
Creative Director: Aileen Calderon
Copywriter: Will Kelleher
Producer: Linda Rafoss
Director: Jakob Strom
DOP: Jallo Faber

Production: Cultivate Media
Managing Director/EP: Mark Thomas
Executive Producer: Hugh Bacher
Producer: Paul Papanek

VFX: Swiss International AB
Executive Post Producer: Emma Rosas Hott
VFX Supervisor: Pablo Fernandez
VFX Coordinator: Jonas From
VFX Coordinator: Sanne Bornesten
VFX Artist: Benjamin Kraft
VFX Artist: Jon Wesström
VFX Artist: Juan Saxlund
VFX Artist: Juan Tigreros
VFX Artist: Kristian Zdunek
VFX Artist: Mattias Josefsson
VFX Artist: Thomas Ekenryd

Editorial: The Line
CEO: Caroline Ortmark
Sound Designer: Olle Ljungman

Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator and contributor to Adweek.