For the movie industry, ’92 was a year where getting trailers out earlier to compete with the growing onslaught of movie images was one of the most-used new media techniques in the market. Typically, studios put trailers out about three months before a film. A teaser trailer for Warner Bros.’ June ’93 comedy Dennis the Menace ran in theaters over the holidays with Home Alone: Lost in New York, eight long months before Dennis’ release. By the time young fans had been deposited at theaters for their second and third viewings of Home Alone, they were chiming in with Dennis’ lines during the trailer. ‘You can’t research the ramifications of that, but it’s pretty significant, eight months out,’ said Anthony Goldschmidt, who heads Intralink/L.A., the boutique that created the trailer with Warner Bros. ‘Suddenly, Dennis is the film kids want to see next summer.’
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