THEY’LL BE DAMMED What’s in a name? That is a question that has vexed agency owners-not to mention literary lions-for ages. The answer coming out of DAM Creative seems to be a profit-minded one.

The Dallas design studio is taking its signature logo (the DAM Creative name followed by a bubble with various punctuation marks taking the place of an expletive) and putting it on wearables including T-shirts, caps and even bowling apparel.
Merchandise with agency logos is nothing new, but DAM may be the first in the area to offer the products for sale on its World Wide Web site.
The T-shirt (the first item to hit the online store) is selling for $15, plus tax at
“Our clients and friends kept telling us to create our own logo merchandise,” said designer and studio co-founder Dana Meek. “The challenge was to find products that are high in quality without being too tasteful.”
The site also includes the shop’s portfolio for browsers who prefer to bypass the clothing.
-Steve Krajewski