They Want You

Two Twin Cities Cub Scouts troops are getting some serious help in their recruitment efforts this year.

Carmichael Lynch was brought in to develop a campaign intended to reverse a decline in recruitment for St. Paul’s Indianhead and Minneapolis’ Viking Cub Scout councils.

The effort, which will consist of yard signs, posters, direct mail and trading cards, is meant to portray the Cub Scouts as a wholesome organization that can still appeal to the dev ilish side of young boys. The target, how ever, is clearly parents seeking to keep their energetic little charges out of trouble.

The ads depict cartoon drawings of boys wearing the organization’s blue and gold baseball caps with headlines such as, “Very few crime reports start with, ‘The suspect, a Cub Scout, was last seen …’ ” and “Idle hands are trouble. Hands stuck in melted marshmallow, less so.”

The shop has a personal connection to one of the two councils. Agency president John Colasanti is a board member of the Viking Council.