These Oscars Advertisers Got the Biggest Brand Lifts on Social Media

Samsung finds a new way to win, while Dior wowed viewers

Samsung didn't need an epic Oscars selfie this year. It beat out other TV advertisers in terms of positive social media sentiment, according to research being released today.

Data company 4C Insights found that Samsung achieved the highest brand affinity lift (24 percent) on Twitter and Facebook during the awards gala thanks to getting seven minutes of air time in terms of commercials and in-show activations. Indeed, the old-fashioned way for a marketer to grab consumers' attention—to pay for it—still works, in case you were wondering.

Chicago-based 4C took into consideration all of the night's TV advertisers and analyzed their 5.7 million Twitter clicks and 857,000 Facebook engagements, while ranking the top 10 marketing performers according to sentiment. Dove, with its red-carpet-driven #SpeakBeautiful, and Dior (stunning spot with Natalie Portman) followed Samsung in the scoring. (Lego, meanwhile, killed it in terms of brands that were not paid advertisers but still a part of the Oscar program on ABC.)

Check out the advertiser-based affinity chart as well as two other infographics below.


Next, 4C's infographic shows which advertisers and nominated films shared the same consumers in terms of affinity. Interestingly, people who interacted with JCPenney on social channels were most interested in the movie Still Alice. For American Express, it was Selma.

Lastly, 4C's data reveals when consumer engagement and sentiment spiked during the 87th Academy Awards.

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