These 2 Creatives Quit Agency Jobs to Start Their Own—With No Office and No Set Location

Twentyfive & Thirty moves from city to city

You've probably heard stories about creatives quitting their jobs to travel the world and look for adventure and creative opportunities in unexpected places. So, Alexandra Rønde Thielke and Rasmus Veggerby's story might sound familiar, at least on the surface. The duo did quit their jobs at a major agency because they wanted to travel the world. But what they've done since is something a little different.

Thielke, a strategic account executive, and Veggerby, an art director, wanted to run a nimble agency without an office, without a specific location and without defined daily hours. So instead of simply searching for freelance work in Dubai or Thailand or Cuba, they started Twentyfive & Thirty, which they call "the world's smallest global creative agency." The duo now spend a few months in one city, do a bit of work, meet some new people and then move on to the next destination.

Adweek caught up with the two-person agency via email while they were at the Cannes Lions festival speaking at the Cannes Lions Creative Academy before heading off on their next adventure to Denmark. (Adweek also caught up with Thielke on the Croisette to take a look at the Portfolio Badge she created, courtesy of Adobe.)

You can follow Thielke and Veggerby's journey on Instagram.


    Thielke and Veggerby spent five months working in Bali. Twentyfive & Thirty

Adweek: What's your background in advertising? What were you doing before you decided to leave the agency world?

Twentyfive & Thirty: We have both worked in advertising agencies for five years. We met as colleagues at the Danish Grey office, Uncle Grey, where we both worked for two to three years.

At Grey, we worked together on several clients. … Working together we realized that we both had a dream of exploring the world more. We didn't have a desire to go backpacking or anything like that, but we wanted to see more of the world and meet new people and different cultures.

We were also both curious to challenge the way of working as an agency, both in terms of processes but also in terms of structuring work hours. We practically spent our lives in those offices, not being able to enjoy the first sun in the spring, the hot days in the summer, the snowy days in the winter. Our wish was not to work less but to be able to decide if we put in the hours in the morning, afternoon, evening, night.

But we also have great passion for doing creative work and both have high ambitions. We love working with clients, and we love doing creative work. We want to be part of the top league creatively. Winning three Lions in Cannes last year, we knew that we could do this on our own.

So we talked about how we could combine all of this in a way where it would also be interesting for clients to work with us. And that is where Twentyfive & Thirty was born—a platform where all of this is possible. An agency with no offices, no defined work hours, where we work with clients digitally and where we can adapt to the projects we work on.

Having an agency with no office lets us travel the world. Being our own bosses makes us the boss of when we want to work and thereby have the flexibility to drink a coffee in the morning sun or go surfing at noon. Not having defined work hours makes it possible for us to be very flexible with clients. We have had great experiences with clients calling us Friday afternoon and needing something Monday, which is no issue for us, as we don't have weekends as such.


Thielke sets up her office for the day in Bali. Twentyfive & Thirty

What can you offer clients that larger shops can't?

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