These 12 Media Agency Execs Set the Bar for Smart, Innovative Work in 2016

Synopsizing the diverse talents of Adweek's Media All-Stars—an annual celebration of the best minds in the media agency world—gets a little harder every year. And not because it's hard to write an original introduction every time. It's because the skill sets and priorities of the honorees are that much more original.

Take our Executive of the Year, UM's global CEO Daryl Lee. While he's busy helping the shop land major clients like Johnson & Johnson and Sony, Lee is also quietly championing the representation of women, minorities and the LGBT community among his decision makers.

Then, there's this year's Rising Star, Assembly's newly promoted associate media director Ali Offer, who has succeeded as a media pro in part because she wasn't a student of media before entering agency land.

The talents of this class of Media All-Stars range from virtual reality to the latest in Periscope usage to scraping influencers' social profiles in order to hyper-target them. Click on the gallery below to find out how these 12 professionals rained results on their clients and colleagues. —Michael Bürgi