There’s No Denying Mackenzie Campaign

NEW YORK We’re on the brink of a global financial crisis partly as a result of consumer denial about bad spending habits.

That’s the premise of an integrated campaign for Mackenzie Investments by Lowe Roche, Toronto. At the center of the campaign is a family of five called the Denialers. Through a series of Webisodes, print ads and online banners, each member is shown engaging in fiscally irresponsible behavior.

Dad, for example, has an office full of electronics gear and expensive golf clubs, but no clue about his retirement plans.

“Even with a two-income family, people are burning through cash and not putting away anything for later. A lot of these people…are in denial, just like people who eat too much,” said Geoffrey Roche, CCO, Lowe Roche. “The idea was to say there’s a little bit of all of us in these characters to show people the reality of the situation with a bit of an over-the-top expression of who these people are.”

The four Webisodes show each family member enjoying the spoils of his or her free spending.

Banners will debut in the next two weeks. On Saturday, full-page ads in Canadian newspapers are set to run. The text lambastes the family for their free-spending ways while pointing out that a financial advisor, such as Mackenzie, could help them save for the future.

TV is not at present a campaign component.

“The financial-services market is very crowded right now, so there’s lots of TV with similar messages,” said John Dale, evp of Mackenzie, which is also based in Toronto. “The Webisodes let you develop characters in a greater way than even a 60-second spot would do.”