TheLadders “More Attractive”

If you are lucky, co-workers writhing around on conference room tables aren’t a common sight in your office (or unlucky if you prefer it that way.), which specializes in professional jobs earning $100,000 or more, launched a new campaign this week from Fallon that promises it can help make people “irresistible” to prospective employers. Men and women in business attire stare longingly at the camera as they put on the sexiest performance they can muster on and under desks, or lying on the floor of a computer room entangled in wires. It’s a funny way to grab the attention of job hunters, and the sequence of all types giving their best come-hither looks adds to the humorous curiosity-building shots. But at the 45-second length of this cut, it loses some of its appeal. Thirty-second edits focusing on sales staff in one and techs in the other nicely speed things up.–Eleftheria Parpis