The Speed of Culture Podcast: The Advertising Playbook for Insurance Brands

Garth Knutson, Chief Marketing Officer at Aflac on how to lead a winning marketing strategy

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Many people don’t understand how much an insurance company depends on advertising to create an identity. Compared to a physical product, insurance is intangible, and people gain an association with the brand through advertising. How much you invest in advertising and how you lead your marketing strategy is a core differentiator on who wins and who loses in the insurance category. And Garth Knutson of Aflac gives us a lesson on how to win at the insurance game.

Garth Knutson, chief marketing officer at Aflac, joins Suzy founder and CEO Matt Britton on the latest episode of The Speed of Culture podcast in collaboration with Adweek. They discuss the role of advertising for a health insurance company and how to lead a winning marketing strategy to succeed in the industry.

Knutson is an advertising and marketing professional with 18 years of experience developing and launching brands, campaigns and marketing programs for small Fortune 500 companies. Before Aflac, Knutson held several marketing roles in companies like Amazon, Publicis Seattle and WONGDOODY.

He shares why most Americans make their health insurance decisions during football season, the greatest industry differentiators and how a brand like Aflac adapts its advertising strategy to the new macro environment.

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