The Speed of Culture Podcast: How Music and Investing Work Together

Mick Batyske—DJ, investor, adviser and speaker—on creating a meaningful network through music

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What does being a DJ and investing have in common? It might seem like nothing. But Mick Batyske found a way to combine them and build an incredible career.

In this episode of The Speed of Culture podcast, Suzy founder and CEO Matt Britton sits down with Batyske—DJ, investor, adviser and speaker at MICK—to discuss how Batyske created a meaningful network through music, current and future music trends, and what investing and music have in common.

Inc Magazine referred to Batyske as a combination of Gary Vaynerchuk and Questlove. Complex Music has called him the most entrepreneurial DJ. But Batyske considers himself first a father and network builder.

Some of his DJ clients have included Andreessen Horowitz, Cartier, GQ, Instagram, LeBron James, Michelle Obama, Twitter and Will Smith. He’s also an investor with a portfolio of startups like Freestyle, Backdrop, Buzzer, Dot Dot Dash and Winc.

Key Takeaways:

  • 03:01-08:20 – Making Music and DJing a Career – For Batyske, being a DJ is more than a job—it’s a passion that’s allowed him to connect with high-profile people and top brands, and build meaningful relationships. Throughout his career, Batyske has been focusing on building a network of influential people to whom he attributes his success.
  • 21:50-23:16 – D Is for DJ – Batyske wrote the children’s book D Is for DJ to teach the fundamentals, history and culture of hip-hop. The book is basically an alternative learning option for the ABCs mixed with a dose of DJ culture.
  • 23:16-28:44 – The Evolution of Music – Though it’s still new and confusing, NFTs are shaping the music industry. Batyske believes we will experience significant changes in the music space in the next five years. TikTok is another tool impacting the industry as people discover music from shorts and reels, create short-form musical content, and many old songs regain popularity by appealing to new generations of listeners.
  • 28:44-33:50 – Being an Investor – Batyske treats investing the same way he curates a mixtape: finding great people doing unique things and identifying their promise early. Batyske believes people often forget that they’re investing in a person rather than an idea.