The Most Loved—and Hated—Super Bowl Ads, According to Adweek’s Instagram

Voting up Jeep and thumbs-down for the spot from Donald J. Trump for President

Jeep's Groundhog Day was more popular than Quibi's bank heist.
Headshot of Dianna McDougall

At Adweek, we’re used to sharing our rankings of Super Bowl ads, so why not ask our readers’ opinions? Using the voting feature in Instagram Stories we asked our audience to rank each big game ad with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. While some commercials like Olay and Avocados from Mexico split voters, others were more divisive. Below are the most loved, and hated, ads of Super Bowl 54.

Most loved

Jeep | Thumbs-up 89%, Thumbs-down 11%

Google | Thumbs-up 87%, Thumbs-down 13%

Microsoft | Thumbs-up 84%, Thumbs-down 16%

Doritos | Thumbs-up 83%, Thumbs-down 17%

Amazon Alexa | Thumbs-up 83%, Thumbs-down 17%

Most Hated

Donald J. Trump for President | Thumbs-up 10%, Thumbs-down 90%

Quibi | Thumbs-up 33%, Thumbs-down 67%

Sabra | Thumbs-up 39%, Thumbs-down 61%

Pepsi | Thumbs-up 41%, Thumbs-down 59%

Turkish Airlines | Thumbs-up 42%, Thumbs-down 58%