The Garage Podcast: The Future of Retail Media Networks

The next big brand needs that retail media networks can anticipate

Leaders from Glossier, Shopify, Mastercard and more will take the stage at Brandweek to share what strategies set them apart and how they incorporate the most valued emerging trends. Register to join us this September 23–26 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Welcome back to The Garage: Tools for Retail Media Innovation. Hosted by Albertsons Media Collective’s Evan Hovorka, vp of product and innovation, and Dan Massimino, director of marketing, The Garage dives into the why, the how and the who cares of retail media innovation.

Last week on the show, Xander Kotsatos, head of Beeswax sales for the Americas at Freewheel, joined Evan and Dan to talk about the exciting intersection of connected TV and retail media networks.

In our fourth special episode from the Possible conference in Miami, Evan and Dan are joined by Harvey Ma, vice president of Albertsons Media Collective, and David Parisi, general manager of restaurants and retail at consumer engagement platform Fetch.

During the conversation, they discuss how sponsored search and product ads fit into an omnichannel marketing approach, how the retail media boom has changed the sponsored landscape, and what are the next big needs that retail media networks can anticipate coming from brands and how can they support them.

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