The Clean Revolution: Jackfir Champions Toxin-Free Formulas

Founder Charlie Razook on his skin care brand's mission to create clean products for men

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Women have nearly endless options for clean and safe skincare products, while men’s skincare often combine face, body and hair care in one 3-in-1 formula with sometimes questionable ingredients. Charlie Razook is changing that with Jackfir.

In 2022, Razook founded the brand after enduring 3.5 years of leukemia treatment. Although his doctors couldn’t determine the exact cause of his illness, it was likely a mix of genetic and environmental factors.

In response, Razook took control of his health and became mindful of the environmental toxins and industrial pollution present in our daily lives and products. He then decided to create a clean option for men’s personal care products.

In this episode of Young Influentials, Adweek digital editor and host Colin Daniels sits down with Razook to discuss his healthy journey, changing up clean beauty for men and what’s next for the company.

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