That’s a ‘Wrap’ for Madden

PlayStation gives gamers many sports titles to choose from, but a new campaign from Deutsch/LA in Marina del Rey, Calif., aims to make the brand and sports even more synonymous in fans minds.

PlayStation is putting up outdoor ads that wrap TVs in stadium concession stands and bars with an image of the new PSP limited-edition Madden NFL 09 console.
The campaign aims to broaden the PlayStation image beyond gamers to appeal to a larger population of sports fans with PSP-styled TV monitor frames.

“There’s this kind of new association for them that is outside the gaming sphere, said Eric Hirshberg, president and cco of Deutsch/LA, which worked with Zoom Media for the unique outdoor buy. “It makes them more of a straight sports brand than a sports game brand.”
The outdoor is part of a campaign touting the limited edition PSP and the Madden game package that broke last month. “It’s a pure NFL experience. I love the association and seeing a PSP around it,” added Hirshberg.
A TV spot for the product shows football fans lining up at a store to buy the Madden PSP and fans of competing teams mingling fine until the last console is sold. Online ads promote the PSP with the line “a real fan would do anything to get one” and show a fan being lowered down to the game pictured on the field from stadium seating above.  Additionally, graffiti-inspired murals went up in New York and Las Vegas, among others.