That’s Using Your Headline

Don Carter started off the new year $10,000 richer. The vice president and senior art director at Mintz & Hoke in Avon, Conn., picked up the hefty check after winning The Image Bank’s first “Write a Headline the Client Can’t Kill” contest.
Entrants were asked to create a headline for the Dallas-based stock-image library that would accompany a photograph showing the bottom half of a pair of pajamas kneeling in prayer next to a bed, with the top half hanging on the wall, arms spread in supplication.
Carter’s headline? “The New Photoshop.
It will give you and your therapist lots to talk about.”
“One-of-a-kind images and cold, hard cash–The Image Bank sure knows how to motivate art directors,” Carter said.
Second place went to Saatchi & Saatchi creative director Dave Shea. Third was earned by Steve Tidcomb, principal of Tidcomb Design in Beverly, Mass. The winning entries are posted on the client’s Web site.
The prize couldn’t have come at a better time for Carter: He and his wife just had a baby and the two are in the market to buy a house.
–Sarah Jones