T.G. Madison Lands Double-Cola

T.G. Madison here continued its strong 1998 new business streak last week when the agency was named to handle Double-Cola USA.
The Chattanooga, Tenn.-based soft drink maker picked T.G. Madison from a field of undisclosed contenders. Client executive vice president Gil Thomas said ad spending would be “in the millions” but would not disclose a figure, citing competitive reasons. There was no incumbent, and ad efforts have been dormant for the last few years.
The account will start small as the client rebrands its beverage line, which includes Double-Cola, Diet Double-Cola, Ski, Diet Ski, Double-Dry Ginger Ale and flavored drinks marketed under the Jumbo name.
“[The agency] is responsible for everything from strategic planning to package design to advertising,” said Thomas.
Agency chairman Joanne Truffelman said that the shop’s first consumer work on the brands will not break until the first half of 1999. Its first major presentation will be made to company bottlers in October.
“The first year is going to be slow but busy,” Truffelman said.
Truffelman, at one time, worked for Coca-Cola, for which her agency has handled projects. “The difference is when you’re working with Coke, you’re working on a well-established brand,” she said. “This is a totally different opportunity. It’s like we’re starting from scratch, but we already have a well-established brand.”
“We’re going to be reinventing the wheel here,” said Thomas. “We have a good product and a good network of bottlers and distributors.”
In the coming year the company expects to concentrate its marketing and advertising resources on two brands: Double-Cola and Ski, a citrus-flavored drink.
Double-Cola USA joins T.G. Madison’s string of spring account wins, which include the American Cancer Society, Lithonia Lighting and Harry Norman Realtors. The agency’s billings are now $35 million.