Text Ads in Top Spot Raise Brand Awareness

NEW YORK Sponsored-search advertising helps to raise brand awareness, especially in instances where a marketer holds the top position on a search results page, according to study released today.

The research, commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Search Effectiveness Committee and conducted by Nielsen/NetRatings, surveyed more than 10,500 Web surfers to examine the effect of sponsored text links on brand metrics.

When survey respondents were asked to name a specific brand within the health, automotive, beverage, electronics, retail or finance industries, they were 27 percent more likely to name the brand displayed in the top spot of the sponsored links section of a search page compared to a control group.

The study also found that brand metrics increased by an average of 14 percent across the six industries for text ads holding the No. 1 position on a search engine. Conversely, ads in the fifth position showed a minor directional lift in brand metrics.

Contextual advertising, or text ads that appears alongside related editorial content, caused a 23 percent brand awareness rise among those who saw them.