“Addaboy” and “Whataguy” are not lines from an old Martin Scorsese script. They’re toys, an extension of Square One’s marketing campaign for the Corpus Christi, Texas-based fast-food chain Whataburger.

Encouraged by the success of a January promotion, the Dallas shop, Whataburger’s lead agency, has created its own toy department. The group is responsible for everything from design to placement of kids’ meal prizes at more than 560 of its client’s locations.

Each month a new theme is introduced. A new toy, ranging from cartoonish superhero types like Addaboy to miniature basketball goals, shows up each week.

“Square One handles every aspect of the program,” said Phil Jarvis, director of children’s marketing at Red Badge, Square One’s marketing services arm.

What makes Whataburger’s toys special, Jarvis said, is that some of the giveaways can be customized via a Web site the agency created at whatakids.com.