Texans Fall Short in Restaurant Review

DALLAS Taco Cabana has awarded WestWayne creative duties on its estimated $8 million advertising account, the client confirmed.

Client senior vice president of brand development Brian Maysent declined to name the other agencies involved in the review. Sources said the Atlanta independent shop contended in the finals against independent Calise & Sedei in Dallas. Independents Fogarty Klein Monroe in Houston and Square One in Dallas also contended earlier in the process, sources said.

The agencies either declined comment or could not be reached.

Maysent said the San Antonio-based dining chain had invited WestWayne to its review two years ago, but the shop was not able to participate due to a conflict with Denny’s. “We were impressed with the depth of their capabilities strategically and from a creative standpoint and they showed us in this round why,” he said. “We felt they were insightful and very on-target with the brand and how people use Taco Cabana and as a result of some very good spec creative work they did, we made the selection.”

Consultant Peter Mitchell in Dallas managed the review for the client, which has restaurants in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Georgia and Indiana.

The account went into review in May, a month after incumbent McGarrah/Jessee in Austin, Texas, resigned the business. The resignation came soon after the shop picked up the estimated $10 million creative business of Whataburger. That business did not represent a conflict, agency principal Mark McGarrah has said, but the decision was due to “management changes” at the Mexican restaurant chain.

Media Rare Co. in Pflugerville, Texas, handles media, which was not included in the review.

Maysent said WestWayne will break a television effort in September or October.