TEST:Travel bug

For healthcare professionals, travel nursing can be an exciting way to see the world and advance a career at the same time. That’s the message behind a new print push for Onward Healthcare.

The campaign, crafted by GrayGraham in Westport, Conn., shows visuals of participants enjoying the amenities associated with the different locations in which they work.
Based in Norwalk, Conn., Onward Healthcare places nurses in temporary assignments around the U.S.

“We want to show the lifestyle and fun one can have working with Onward,” said agency president Jeff Gray.

“It’s a huge industry that people might not be aware of.”
One ad shows a woman backpacking in the mountains; the headline asks, “Where in the world is Kim Wilcox, RN?” The answer, “Anywhere she wants to be, thanks to Onward Healthcare,” appears underneath.

Another ad poses a similar question about a woman carrying a surfboard along the beach.

The campaign uses the tag, “Help us reinvent travel nursing.”
The ads are running in publications such as Healthcare Traveler, RN, American Journal of Nursing and Nursing 2002. Direct mail and sales materials are part of the mix.