TEST:Prime-time Smokeout

Watching “must-see TV” recently, staffers at Clarity Coverdale Fury were pleasantly surprised to find their anti-smoking campaign for the Minnesota Partnership for Action Against Tobacco had gone national. Sort of.

During the Oct. 31 episode of the NBC sitcom Friends, Monica tried to persuade her husband, Chandler, to quit smoking.

During their argument, Monica describes a TV commercial in which a kid walks through his grandfather–who has become a ghost because of smoking–as “chilling.”

The ad, created as part of the agency’s adult-focused anti-smoking efforts, conveys the message, “Be there tomorrow. Quit smoking today.”

“Whenever a piece of work enters the national lexicon, it’s rewarding,” said Rob Rankin, a brand development supervisor at the agency. “We wanted to motivate or compel people to quit smoking.”

Rankin theorized the show’s Los Angeles-based writers saw the ad when California picked it up for airing.