TEST:Brickmill to Tout National Catholic Development

Boston–Brickmill Marketing Ser vices has been hired by the National Catholic Development Conference to help promote the group’s 2003 annual gathering and, in a broader sense, boost NCDC membership nationwide.

Nashua, N.H.-based Brickmill has been charged with crafting print and online work associated with the NCDC’s annual meeting. It draws thousands of attendees and exhibiting companies, drawing mainly from philanthropic groups with a religious bent.

The conference will take place in Los Angeles in September.

“The annual conference is a leading event to advance topics, technology and products for Catholic development,” said NCDC representative Ryan Gates. “We were looking to completely rebrand the conference [using a variety of] techniques.”

Spending is estimated in the six-figure range. Brickmill’s efforts will include designing a Web site and creating sales collateral.

The larger marketing goal for both agency and client is to increase NCDC membership, as well as conference attendance, according to Brian Renda, president and CEO of Brickmill.

The shop handled marketing duties for last year’s conference, which was attended by about 2,000 people. The 2003 gathering will also build on the previous year’s themes. An effort will be made to remind Catholics of their shared concerns and to encourage them to work together for the common good.

“Brickmill had the ability to work with us to create the necessary look and feel, helping to hopefully increase our attendance for the 2003 conference,” said Gates.

In addition to a mix of consumer and business clients, Brickmill has made a specialty of working for nonprofit groups, Renda said. That experience has helped the 50-person agency pick up the NCDC assignment for the past two years.

In recent months, Brickmill launched a print campaign for Citizens Funds?an investment house specializing in socially responsible funds?employing the tagline, “Fundamentally strong. Socially responsible.” Other clients include the March of Dimes, North Shore Animal League, Bladelogic and the Columban Fathers.