Terry’s Back in Arnell’s Reebok Game

NEW YORK Fresh from winning a gold Lion at Cannes for his Super Bowl spot, Terry Tate is back in a new commercial from the Arnell Group touting Reebok’s Scrimmage shoe.

In the 30-second spot, which broke on July 1, the spokescharacter can be seen in “training camp,” lifting weights and running on a treadmill, as well as hitting dummies dressed like office workers and dodging filing cabinets, all in a pair of red-and-white Scrimmage shoes.

Onscreen copy reads: “Terry’s got his Scrimmage on, do you?” and “Unleash Terry on your office.”

“The concept is really trying to show the behind-the-scenes of how Terry trains for his office linebacker job,” said Brian Povinelli, Canton, Mass.-based Reebok’s advertising director.

The strategy behind the ad was threefold, according to Povinelli. “We want to keep some buzz going around Terry as we lead up to Super Bowl 2004,” he said, as well as forge ties with the NFL pre-season, starting up now, and upcoming back-to-school markets.

Povinelli said Reebok was “thinking about” having Tate star in a Super Bowl 2004 commercial but had not made a final decision. Rawson Thurber, who created Terry Tate and has directed the other two Terry Tate spots, directed this one as well.

The spot is running on cable stations including Fox Sports, ESPN and Comedy Central.