Tequila Sunrise

Swardlick Marketing Group has created a mildly risque outdoor campaign for White Rock Distilleries’ Baja Rosa, a sweet tequila and strawberry cream cordial.

One ad features a woman dressed up in a boxing outfit. Copy reads, “Hits below the belt. Loves Baja.” Another execution depicts a woman wearing a skintight catsuit and holding up a diamond ring. Copy reads, “Always on the prowl. Loves Baja.” Another shows a cowgirl with the headline, “Knows how to hogtie. Loves Baja.”

Ads for the cordial are initially being launched in Canada as well as in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pa. Spending is about $2 million. The campaign is tagged, “Escape to the Baja.”

“It’s tasty and drinkable—it can be served on the rocks or as a chilled shot,” said David Swardlick, president of the Portland, Maine, agency. The campaign is also being used to promote a new black raspberry version of the cordial called Baja Luna. That campaign is tagged, “The sun comes out at night.”