Tequila Director Loves Numbers

If you ever had the misfortune of receiving a greeting card depicting a farmer standing behind a lamb with a pained look on its face, the punch line inside reading “F*** Ewe!” fire off a fan letter to Amy Call, Tequila\ Los Angeles’ new director of CRM and integrated marketing.

“This is why I went into account management instead of copywriting,” said Call, recollecting her post-Old Dominion University days of spinning one-liners for what was called the “Rude & Crude” line at Recycled Paper Products in Chicago. “Besides, I love the numbers and strategy. I love to dig into a new piece of business.”

Call reports to Kristi VandenBosch, president of Tequila USA, Playa del Rey, Calif., and New York, and will work with Jason Kuperman, Tequila’s director of interactive and entertainment marketing at the Playa del Rey offices of Omnicom’s TBWA\Chiat\Day. VandenBosch said Call is the “linchpin” for integrated accounts in conjunction with TBWA\C\D. In the new post, Call will lead accounts for Health Net, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Principal Financial Group and Visa.

One of Call’s goals is to show “how well the integration works between agency and Tequila in CRM and direct,” she said. “When we say integration, we mean it. No other agency has the integrated teams in the same group as we have.”

In 1987, after her stint writing greeting cards, she moved into advertising. She worked on the print-production side at Barker Campbell & Farley, Virginia Beach, Va., and moved from account executive to management.

Most recently the managing director at JWT Los Angeles, Call worked on the global integrated account of Symantec, among others. Symantec gave her the marketing experience of 26 countries. “We worked on image and awareness. Branching out to high-tech markets in all these countries is very different per country,” she said. “In Singapore, for instance, it’s all about high-tech malls, not television.” And no dirty greeting cards.