Temerlin Sells Bank Loans With Laughs

DALLAS Interpublic Group’s Temerlin McClain uses humor to sell home equity lines of credit in a $3 million campaign for Union Planters Bank.

“Fire Drill” opens with a group of firemen rushing into a suburban home. As they break down a glass door, two children are watching TV, completely oblivious to all the commotion. A hatchet then comes through a bathroom door as the mother calmly brushes her teeth. In the next scene, dad reads his morning paper at the kitchen table. As each fireman runs past him, they in turn say, “Morning.” A fireman then runs down the stairs with a teenage girl thrown over his back. As someone yells, she says into her cordless phone, “Oh, that’s just the fire chief. Dad rented them the house again.” A voiceover completes the spot with, “There’s a smarter way to get money out of your house. A home equity line of credit from Union Planters Bank.”

The 30-second TV spot, which was done on a project basis, first aired during the Super Bowl in Memphis, Tenn., and subsequently broke in seven other markets including Miami, Indianapolis and St. Louis. The campaign for the Memphis-based client will run through the first quarter, the Irving, Texas-based shop said.