Temerlin, Nortel Go Global

Temerlin McClain is adding a global component to its advertising for Nortel Enterprise Networks with new 30- and 60-second television spots that use the same peg as previous ads.
In the two commercials, American, British, Czech and Italian actors add an international flavor. As unexpected providers of information, they deliver high-tech advice to savvy-looking business types.
The new spots, shot in Prague, Czechoslovakia, feature a businessman who gets informed opinions on Nortel’s integrated multimedia network from a multi-national group of street vendors. The ads are airing in the U.S. and Europe.
In a previous execution, the employees of a diner offered advice on multimedia networks to executives talking business over lunch.
Temerlin got a production assist from Bozell International in London in creating the television work.
Temerlin art director Brad White said some actors in the commercial were cast on the spot, and a sidewalk violinist chosen at the last minute recorded the music used in the commercials.
Temerlin in Irving, Texas, bypassed a review to acquire the estimated $10-15 million ad account of Nortel Enterprise Networks last March.
Enterprise Networks in Richardson, Texas, is a supplier of networked telephone and computer systems. It is one of four divisions of Brampton, Ontario-based Nortel. Advertising for the unit was previously handled by J. Walter Thompson’s office in San Francisco.