Temerlin to Launch Subaru’s Baja at the Movies

Temerlin McClain will break its first spot for Subaru’s new Baja hybrid in movie theaters on Fri day as the opening act of a $20 million launch campaign.

The 30-second com mercial touts the Baja as a vehicle with the functionality of a truck that drives like a car. To highlight the Baja’s ver satility, an array of objects are shown in quick flashes inside the cargo bed, including a harp, a jukebox, a bike and a movie camera. Special effects give the spot a 3-D feel.

The vehicle is touted as “the world’s first multiple-choice vehicle.” A voiceover says, “Part car. Part truck. All choice.”

“We wanted to create a sense about this vehicle that it was for everybody for whatever you want to use it for,” said Tony Balmer, the Irving, Texas-based shop’s account director on Subaru. “That’s where the thought of fun came in, because Baja has an attitude of being very youthful and active.”

The ad targets car buyers ages 18-25 and “empty nesters,” as well as more women than the brand traditionally has sought to attract, said Mark Darling, Subaru’s vice president of marketing.

The spot will run through Sept. 26 on the NCN cinema network in 450 theaters in 65 U.S. markets. It will also appear on network and cable stations in spot markets for six weeks.

“We are using cin ema during the early stages of the launch to create a buzz by using an almost movie-trailer-like format to say it’s coming,” Balmer said.

Darling said the launch would be similar to what the Cherry Hill, N.J.-based company spent last year on the WRX launch, which was “in the $20 million range.” Subaru’s estimated 2002 ad budget is $140 million, according to CMR.