Temerlin Gives Adams the Sweetest Swings

DALLAS Interpublic Group’s Temerlin McClain’s new advertising campaign for Adams Golf breaks today during the MasterCard Classic in Mexico City.

The four television spots by the Irving, Texas, shop promote the local client’s new Ovation fairway woods and feature various Champion Tour Pros, PGA players and amateur golfers.

Targeting golfers with mid- to high-scoring handicaps, the campaign touts Ovation as the “club of choice for golfers because of its easy-to-hit design and innovative performance features.”

“Course-Wide Ovation” opens with a golfer approaching his shot. As he and multiple golfers swing their clubs, onscreen copy states: “Get a wood that’s easy to hit. Get the distance of high launch and low spin. Get the forgiveness of low CG.” Suddenly the sounds of the golfers’ shots turn into thunderous applause. The spot ends with the tagline, “Get the sweetest sound in golf. Ovation.”

“Pro Ovation” follows a similar theme, but uses the onscreen text: “Players on the Champions Tour are getting theirs. Players on the PGA Tour are getting theirs. The players in your foursome are getting theirs.”

The remaining two spots include a 15-second version of “Pro Ovation” and 15-second spot called “Attributes.”

Scheduled to run through year’s end, the campaign will appear on both network and cable TV. Spending is undisclosed.