Teleflora Will Be Your Love-Note Coach This Valentine’s Day

Offers free writing advice with flower delivery

Suffering from writer's block on your Valentine's Day card this year? Teleflora is here to help you master the lost art of letter writing. From now through Feb. 12, the flower delivery brand is offering the Love Note Concierge, a service through which call center representatives will help you craft the perfect sentiment to attach to your bouquet, free of charge. 

To turn its representatives into love-note gurus, Teleflora enlisted Hannah Brencher, founder of The World Needs More Love Letters, a global initiative designed to connect strangers via the exchange of hand-written letters. Last year, Brecher published "If You Find This Letter," a book chronicling her experiences of writing love letters to strangers and hiding them in libraries and cafes in New York. "The blank space of a card can be really intimidating. It's easy to send flowers to somebody, but it's difficult to figure out what to say on that little notecard," she said. Love Note Concierge "is innovative and cool and a really fun way to give people an experience at Valentine's Day."

"Valentine's Day is hard enough without having to struggle to find the perfect gift and the perfect words, so we're here to deliver both," said David Dancer, Teleflora's executive vice president and head of marketing, in a statement.

The offer doesn't solely focus on romantic love, Brencher added. "For a lot of years, I was single on Valentine's Day, and you get sick of all of the ads catered to couples. It's about anybody who has someone special in their life, whether it's a best friend or a child."

The effort is part of Teleflora's "What Is Love" campaign, which includes ads featuring couples of various ages, races and sexual orientations, as well as friends and a mother and child, celebrating their love.

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