Teen Skateboarder-Inspired Line Comes to JCPenney

Wicked Fashions is launching its first celebrity clothing line at JCPenney this Friday, in partnership with teenage pro-skateboarder and reality TV star Ryan Sheckler.

The new line, RS by Sheckler, will include t-shirts, jeans, hooded sweatshirts and other apparel for boys and young men ages 12-24. It will also be available at other retail stores nationwide.

The campaign, which was developed by Wicked Fashions’ marketing department and Sheckler’s management team, targets mostly young people “who want to be like Ryan,” said Janice Welles, director of marketing and advertising for Wicked Fashions.

Wicked Fashions, the owner of brands like SouthPole, tapped Sheckler for its celebrity line because his many young followers will significantly impact sales and because “he has a lot of potential,” Welles said.

A billboard in New York City’s Times Square promotes the line and features Sheckler wearing the clothes. The ad appears near the MTV studio, the channel that airs Sheckler’s reality show, Life of Ryan. According to Welles, the ad is expected to garner 50 million impressions per month and will be up until December.

A TV spot is also in the planning stages and is expected to launch sometime in the back-to-school season during Life of Ryan.

Other components of the campaign include print ads and a viral online push called “Hang with Ryan,” launching on July 31. As part of the online push, consumers will get a chance to submit a photo or video of themselves describing why they should win the opportunity to “Hang with Ryan.” Those who get the most votes will win the grand prize.