Teddi Tests the Waters With Miller Group’s B2B Ads

Most fashion companies want to aim their ads straight at the people who wear their clothes, which explains why, in consumer media venues like Times Square, for example, fashion ads are ubiquitous. But Teddi, a 45-year-old women’s sportswear manufacturer, is choosing a media path less taken.
For its inaugural ad campaign, Teddi is eschewing consumer media in favor of a business-to-business approach. The first component of the effort are various cover wraps on approximately 500 issues of the July issue of Forbes magazine sent to clothing retailers.
The work was created by The Miller Group, Santa Monica, Calif. Renee Miller, creative director of the Los Angeles agency, said the campaign is designed to inform retailers of Teddi’s updated look. “It’s not the same old clothing they’ve seen for the last 20 years from Teddi,” she said, “and it’s also keeping pace with today’s consumer demands.”
“In order to go into advertising, you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and it’s a constant reinforcement,” added Stuart Weiser, CEO of Teddi, based in Rancho Dominguez, Calif. “We went business-to-business to test the waters.”
The campaign features the theme “Teddi. Take another look,” and targets such outlets as J.C. Penney and Robinsons-May that currently sell Teddi clothes. It will also include 3-D direct response mailings through the end of August, with a possible rollout to a consumer campaign thereafter.
The Forbes wraps focus on the universality of Teddi clothing. Their headlines are variations on the same theme, including the lines “As seen in Harper’s. Harper’s Ferry, Va., Saturday 9 a.m.” and “As seen in Cosmo. Cosmopolis, WA. Thursday 3:30 p.m.”
The Miller Group was tapped for the Teddi account after a review of five undisclosed shops. It prevailed because of its attentiveness to its clients, said Weiser.
“They are a moderate-sized boutique,” he said. “We [will not be] just a small fish in a big pond.”
Other clients on the Miller Group roster include Anabelle Candy Co.’s Big Hunk Bar, Homeboy Industries and the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. K