Technorati Plans Brand Info Portals

NEW YORK Blog search engine Technorati has acquired news-aggregation technology in order to help brands create their own information and conversation portals.

The San Francisco firm plans to use Personal Bee to launch brand hubs that incorporate social media features like commentary, Digg-like voting on stories and tracking of hot topics in the blog world. A food company, for example, could aggregate blog posts and news stories about recipes that use its products.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. Personal Bee founder Ted Shelton has joined Technorati as vp, business development.

Peter Hirshberg, chairman of Technorati, said the platform would enable advertisers to easily become publishers and extend communities through feeds in banner placements and widgets embedded on their social networking pages and blogs.

Brands will be able to choose from aggregating content Web-wide or from select sources, Hirshberg said. For example, an advertiser targeting parents could cull information from parenting blogs and news outlets.

“When a brand presents info or content around its products or conversation it cares about, the key is the filter,” he said.

Technorati hopes to translate its popular blog search engine into a broader social media platform that enables brands to engage in two-way conversations with consumers. In January, it linked with WPP’s Ogilvy to develop new ad products that use two-way communications between brands and consumers.